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LEDLED Lighting

Our ultra energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures combine the latest advances in lighting technology with Precision-Paragon [P2]'s reputation for unmatched quality and service. Perfect for cutting edge commercial and industrial facilities, our LED fixtures bring you the future, now.

TKD pdficon

TKD - LED Troffer Conversion Kit

The TKD upgrades prismatic & parabolic troffers to energy-efficient LED lighting at up to 101 lumens per watt. Developed as a high-speed kit for high-speed retrofits, the TKD will deliver a long maintenance-free lifespan, calculated for 70% lumen maintenance at 80,000 hours.

TKD LED Retrofit Kit

Learn More about the TKD

Watch the 5-Minute Rapid Installation Procedure


SNL pdficon

LED Sanitube Food Service Strip
The low wattage LED Sanitube ideal for many food processing applications. The fixture is IP65, IP66 & IP67 rated, and can deliver up to 100 lumens per watt.



QWP pdficon

Outdoor LED Wall Pack
The QWP LED Wall Pack is is an ultra-efficient outdoor LED fixture that delivers up to 111 lumens per watt.  The QWP can be configured to deliver between about 2,700 lumens all the way up to more than 13,000 lumens per fixture. The versitile LED fixture is a great option for permiter lighting in commercial buildings, retail lots, parking lots, schools and malls.



RSR pdficon

RSR - LED Architectural Luminaire

The RSR brings cutting edge solid state technology into an architecturally styled luminaire. Perfect for relight, retrofit or new construction, RSR delivers a powerful combination of performance and energy savings.

RSR - LED Architectural Luminaire

RJT pdficon

RJT - 2x2, 2x4 LED Troffer

The RJT is a direct replacement for fluorescent troffers and offers the right options for versatility of use across a wide range of project types. The fixture delivers up to 107 lumens per watt with an L80 of 60,000 hours.

RJT - 2x2, 2x4 LED Troffer

LVB pdficon

LVB - 2x4 LED High-Bay

The LVB combines powerful, high light output LED technology with remarkable energy savings for a quick return on investment. The fixture delivers up to 119 lumens per watt with an L80 of 60,000 hours.

LVB - 2x4 LED High-Bay

LLW pdficon

LLW - LED Low Profile Wrap

This handy wrap is an excellent choice for hallways, closets, utility rooms, back-of-house locations and low ceiling areas. Available in 2' and 4' lengths, the LLW delivers up to 100 lumens per watt with an L70 of 50,000 hours.

LLW - LED Low Profile Wrap

LVT pdficon

LVT - LED 2X4 High-Bay Vaportight

The LVT offers efficacies of up to 110 lumens per watt in an IP67 rated housing, available with IP65 rated occupancy sensors. A range of available light outputs and flexible mounting options make the LVT a good option for many wet location applications.

LVT LED Vaportight

WPL pdficon

LED Wall Pack
Full cutoff, low wattage LED wall pack designed for entry/perimeter illumination for safety, security and identity.

Up to 1800 lumens, 88 lumens per watt, 17 or 21 input watts.


pdficonDownload the WPL Installation Guide


WPH pdficon

LED Wall Pack
Full cutoff, low wattage LED wall pack designed for entry/perimeter illumination for safety, security and identity.

Up to 3600 lumens, 87 lumens per watt, 29 or 45 input watts.


pdficonDownload the WPH Installation Guide


QCF pdficon

QCF - LED Gas Canopy Fixture

Replace MH400 and PS320 with 141 Watts of LED. Retail lighting fashions constantly evolve, but energy-efficient, dark-sky-compliant, cost-effective lighting solutions never go out of style.


QHC pdficon

QHC - Modular Chassis LED High Bay

The QHC combines an integral sensor, excellent thermal performance, advanced discrete optics and a state-of-the-art LED engine in an aesthetic package to provide exceptional lighting performance.


View the QHC in 3D

Learn More About The QHC

Learn About The QHC's Modular Chassis


QSA pdficon

QSA - LED Site and Area Lighter

The QSA Advanced LED Site Lighter tackles the toughest parking lot applications. Outdoor parking lots present special challenges, and the QSA meets these challenges. Add a sculpted look with a touch of class to your exterior site. Custom colors available to match your existing color palette.


RLL pdficon

RLL - LED Radius Wrap
The RLL LED stairwell fixture uses the latest in solid state technology including bi-level drivers in order to provide the maximum ROI for your project. The fixture offers occupancy controlled dimming of the LEDs, increasing energy savings while maintaining base light levels in stairwells at all times, and delivers efficacy of over 100 lumens/watt.



CKL pdficon

CKL - LED Strip Conversion Kits

Convert your existing strips from fluorescent to LED with the CKL. CKL LED Strip Conversion Kits offer labor saving pre-wired installation, efficiency of 96-103 lumens per watt, high color rendering, TM-21 reported L80 of over 60,000 hours, a contoured frosted acrylic diffuser and an optional occupancy sensor for additional savings.



VTL pdficon

VTL - LED Vaportight

The VTL uses the latest in solid state technology inside of a proven IP67 rated housing platform. The fixture offers an efficacy of between 96 and 103 Lumens/Watt depending on the model and a reported L70 of over 51,000 hours.



VPL pdficon

VPL - LED Parking Garage Vaportight

Parking garages have specific needs in a demanding environment. The VPL replaces maintenance and energy intensive HID and HPS fixtures. The fixture offers a proven IP67 rated housing platform that withstands the elements, efficacy of between 92 and 99 Lumens/Watt depending on model and a reported L70 of over 51,000 hours.


Learn How a Milwaukee Parking Garage Saved $134,000+ per Year with the VPL


VTK pdficon

VTK - LED Vaportight Retrofit

With a housing built to last why change? Upgrade your existing fluorescent VTGs with the latest in solid state technology. The VTK kit includes a new LED engine gear tray and lens that install with ease, and offers efficacy of between 96 and 103 Lumens/Watt depending on the model along with a reported L80 of over 60,000 hours via TM-21.



VPK pdficon

VPK - LED Parking Garage Vaportight Kit

The VPK will bring your old Wide Distribution VTG up to date with the latest in LED technology. The fixture offers a proven IP67 rated housing platform to withstand the elements, Efficacy of between 92 and 99 Lumens/Watt depending on model, and a reported L80 over 60,000 hours via TM-21.



SIL pdficon

SIL - Standard LED Strip

The SIL LED strip brings together an economical price point and high performance with an efficiency of 96-103 lumens/watt, integrated occupancy sensors, high color rendering and a TM-21 reported L70 of over 60,000 hours.



QAL pdficon

Ultra-Efficient LED High Bay Aisle Lighter
The QAL Ultra-Efficient High Bay Aisle Lighter is designed specifically for bulk-storage freezer high piled storage applications. The fixture is designed to replace 400 watt HID fixtures with less than 150 watts of LED lighting, and offers compelling payback scenarios using next generation LED technology.

QPD pdficon

An Ultra-Efficient LED Parking Garage Fixture
The QPD LED parking garage fixture from [P2] combines next-generation LED technology with [P2]'s energy efficiency experience.  With optics designed specifically for parking garage applications, the QPD is ready to replace 70-260 watt HID fixtures and offer compelling returns on investment.



TMD Series pdficon

LED Loading Dock Light and Dock Arms

It’s time to relegate traditional loading dock lights to the past. Our TMD LED Loading Dock light combines the advantages of LED lighting technology with product durability.

TMF Series

Low Wattage LED Flood 
The TMF low wattage flood uses its advanced design to replace inefficient 150-250 watt HID flagpole floods, sign lighters, palm floods and other accent lights with ease.


TMT Series

LED Retail Track System 
The TMT retail track system replicates the aesthetically pleasing contrast ratios and lighting quality of high intensity MR16s, T-Metal Halides and PAR Halogens in a far more efficient LED package.



Edge Lit Exit Sign 
The XLE is a dual voltage universal mount edge lit exit sign with a long life 3 watt LED light source.


Universal LED Exit 
The XLS is a dual voltage universal mount exit sign with a long life 3 watt LED light source.



Universal LED Exit Combo 
The XLB combines a LED-lit exit sign along with two 5.4 Watt incandescent lamps for emergency lighting.



Emergency Lighting Unit 
The XEH emergency lighting unit can be used in combination with any of our LED based exit signs and incorporates a 90 minute self-diagnostic NiCad battery.


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