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HiBayFluorescentHigh Bay Fluorescent Lighting

High Bay Fluorescent fixtures from Precision-Paragon [P2] are the ideal solution for energy efficient lighting in warehouse, retail, manufacturing and industrial environments. Precision-Paragon [P2]'s High Bay fixtures offer the energy savings, aesthetics, performance and quality our customers demand.

LEDLED Lighting

Our LED lighting fixtures combine the latest advances in energy efficient lighting technology with Precision-Paragon [P2]'s reputation for unmatched quality and service. Other manufacturers promise a future with LED lighting. With [P2], you can have the future now.

GeneralIndoorGeneral Indoor Lighting

Precision-Paragon [P2]'s General Indoor fixtures provide energy efficient lighting options for offices and retail spaces, stairwells and hallways. Anywhere that needs the quality and energy savings we provide.

starSpecialty Lighting

Precision-Paragon [P2]'s specialty lighting fixtures are designed to perform in demanding and unusual applications, offering the same quality and performance you can expect from every [P2] fixture.

OutdoorOutdoor Lighting

Precision-Paragon [P2] has developed a complete line of fixtures that offer ultra-efficient outdoor illumination and impressive cost savings. Our pole-lighting, wall packs and specialty fixtures can be adapted for any outdoor application.

conversionkitsLighting Conversion Kits

Precision-Paragon [P2]'s lighting conversion kits allow you to convert standard magnetic ballast systems into energy efficient fluorescent systems, unattractive legacy fluorescent systems into aesthetically pleasing systems, overly-harsh direct lighting into attractive indirect lighting and much more.

cyclearrowProduct Cross Reference Guide

Now that Precision-Lighting and Paragon-Lighting have become [P2], we've revamped our entire product line. Use our product cross reference guide to find your old favorites.




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