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The State of The Energy Efficient Lighting Industry - 2010
Wednesday, 19 January 2011 11:49

In December, we surveyed over 1,900 energy efficient lighting professionals, asking for their outlook for the coming year. The responses are in, we've analyzed the data and come away with six conclusions about the state of the energy efficient lighting industry. Now, we're ready to share those with you.


2010 Was a Good Year for The Energy Efficient Lighting Industry

We asked what happened with our survey taker’s businesses in 2010, compared to 2009, and 57% of our respondents experienced either moderate or substantial growth. Only 20% of our survey takers had experienced any decline in revenue.


2011 Will Be an Even Better Year

When we asked what you expect for 2011, over 70% of the professionals we surveyed are predicting the industry will grow in 2011, along with their individual businesses. Less than 10% of our respondents are bearish.


Most of 2011’s Action Will Happen in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters of the Year

Our survey takers predicted that the 2nd or 3rd quarter of the year will be the busiest, and the 1st will be the slowest.

The Industry is Ready To Handle Growth

In terms of infrastructure, almost none of our respondents are planning to cut back this year. 98% of our survey takers are planning to either hold steady, or build for growth in 2011.


2011 Projects Will Be Funded by Rebates and Internal Expenditures

Most of the lighting industry professionals we surveyed expect their 2011 projects to be funded by either rebate programs, or internally approved capital expenditure funds. 3rd party financing, ARRA funds and on-bill financing from utility companies only made up a combined 19% of expected 2011 project funding.


Linear Fluorescent Lighting Will Continue to Be The Dominant Energy Efficient Lighting Technology in 2011

Our respondents let us know that in the coming year, linear fluorescent lighting technology will continue to dominate the energy efficient relighting market. Fully 80% expect Linear Fluorescent to be the dominant light source they install in 2011.

LED technology came in 2nd by a large margin, which is appropriate for an exciting technology that so far does well in certain specific applications, but isn’t ready to fully replace the performance and cost effectiveness of linear fluorescent lighting.


Our Take

We’re on the same page as our customers. We had a good year of growth in 2010, and see more of it ahead in 2011. Our industry is based on saving money and improving the environment - and we see plenty of opportunity for growth in those areas.

Our product development roadmap is also in line with what the industry is expecting from 2011. While the bulk of our product line is still made up of our energy efficient linear fluorescent fixtures, we’ve identified specific niches where LED technology makes sense, and engineered fixtures to fill those niches.

Finally, to all our customers who filled out our survey, thank you for your feedback. We’re looking forward to another great year of working with you.


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