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Energy Efficient Retrofits: An Easy Choice

Ever watched those late night infomercials where the announcer shouts “Buy More Save More!" We can’t vouch for the Salad Shooter™, but to a point, Precision-Paragon [P2] products do work that way.

Precision-Paragon [P2] products use far less energy than traditional light sources. In a time of increasing energy costs, our products’ efficiency provides more cost savings than ever.

A typical installation of Precision-Paragon [P2] products will consume 30-60% less energy than a traditional lighting installation. When you multiply the resulting savings by the long lifespan of our durable luminaires, using [P2] technology becomes a no-brainer.

Committed To Sustainability

Long before sustainability became a buzzword Precision-Paragon [P2] was providing contemporary, cost-effective and energy efficient lighting solutions. Today, the energy and cost savings of our products are more valuable than ever. Many companies talk about being green. At [P2] it's the core of our business.

The Energy We've Saved

When you add together the cumulative energy savings of all the energy-efficient fixtures we've produced since 1992, the benefits are staggering.

8+ BILLION kWh of Electricity Saved Since 1992

Results in:

11 BILLION Pounds of Carbon Dioxide Reduced
Carbon Dioxide is the most significant greenhouse gas in the earth's atmosphere. No other greenhouse gas contributes as much to pollution-induced climate change.

20+ MILLION Pounds of Nitrogen Oxide Reduced
Nitrogen Oxide is a greenhouse gas which contributes to smog, acid rain, water quality deterioration and climate change.

35+ MILLION Pounds of Sulfur Dioxide Reduced
Sulfur Dioxide is a pollutant which can both cause and aggravate respiratory illnesses. It contributes to smog, acid rain and water quality deterioration.

Equivalent to:

1.7 MILLION — Cars Taken Off The Road for One Year

881 MILLION — Gallons of Gasoline Not Burned

39,239 — Rail Cars Full of Coal Not Burned

992,327 — Households Powered For One Year

63,187 — Acres of Forest Preserved From Deforestation

Other Energy Saving Features

Occupancy Sensors

It would be nice if we all remembered to turn off the lights when we left a space, but we often forget. That’s why nearly all of the fixtures we manufacture can be fitted with occupancy sensors, ensuring that they’re only using energy when they’re needed.


Precision-Paragon [P2] offers a level of customization that can’t be matched by most other manufacturers. This means that our in-house engineering staff can design fixtures for the exact level of illumination you need, ensuring that energy isn’t wasted by providing excessive lighting where it isn’t needed.

*How we got the numbers:
We don’t want to be accused of making up numbers, so here’s how we calculated the cumulative environmental benefits of our products. We started with the number of energy efficient fixtures that Precision-Paragon [P2] has installed every year starting in 1992. We estimated the kWh hours that each fixture has used in the years since its installation, and compared that to equivalent traditional lighting fixtures. That’s how we came with the 8 Billion kWh hours of electricity saved. To get from there to the equivalent environmental benefits, we used calculations from the US Department of Energy to convert energy savings to equivalent greenhouse gas reductions.


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