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Energy Efficient Lighting

Precision-Paragon [P2] makes energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial buildings. Our LED, Fluorescent and specialty fixtures let building owners and managers retrofit their facilities and drastically cut energy consumption, creating big cost savings and significant environmental benefits.

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If you're a building owner or manager, we'll connect you with one of our partners who can plan, manage and deliver your retrofit project.

If you're an Energy Service Company, Lighting Contractor or Energy-Focused Distributor interested in offering [P2] products, we'll introduce you to the greatest products, service and support you can expect when you work with us.

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Introducing the TKD

The TKD upgrades prismatic & parabolic troffers to energy-efficient LED lighting at up to 101 lumens per watt. Developed as a high-speed kit for high-speed retrofits, the TKD will deliver a long maintenance-free lifespan, calculated for 70% lumen maintenance at 80,000 hours.

Download the TKD specification sheet to learn more.

Meet the LVT

Energy-Efficient Vaportight Wide-Body LED High Bay

The LVT is a versatile LED 2X4 wide-body high-bay fixture. It delivers efficacies of up to 110 lumens per watt, and comes in an IP67 rated housing. A range of available light outputs, flexible mounting options and an optional IP65 rated occupancy sensor make it a good option for many wet location applications.

Download the LVT specification sheet to learn more.

Big energy and cost savings Big Energy & Cost Savings

Our products are designed for energy efficient retrofits that offer big energy savings. Just how big? Since we opened our doors in 1992, we've saved more than 19 Billion kWh of electricity. That's equivalent to taking 4.1 Million cars off the road for a year.

Calculate Your Potential Energy & Cost Savings With our Lighting Retrofit Calculator

Legendary Service Legendary Service

We're not the only company that builds energy efficient light fixtures, but we hang our hats on offering the best customer service in the industry. Whether it's customizing a fixture for your unique application or helping you solve an seemingly unsolveable problem, our service hub is here to help.

Our service hub staff are authorized to pull managers out of meetings, engineers away from their drafting and technicians off the assembly line. Don't be surprised if you call with a question about a light fixture and end up having a conversation with the engineer who designed that fixture.

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